One thought on “Antifa….

  1. Glenda T. Goode August 26, 2018 / 9:48 am

    This is a catch-22 for the rest of us. The Antifa propose this sea of armed members. If this comes to pass, it is essentially the opening shots of an open rebellion. Naturally we will expect the federal government to react. Suppose the reaction is the same as the outcomes were for the DC rioters on Inauguration Day??? Meanwhile innocent people are getting caught up in this. If we choose to react, bad things can happen to us.

    All of this is designed to try to lure us out into the open and for us to declare a hostile intent towards anyone. For the left, disarming us is imperative and the battle to end the second amendment is going to ramp up rapidly in the next few years. If we come bearing arms into the open we will be giving the left the tools it needs and the propaganda it needs to basically end the second amendment.

    Be very wary of these types of threats. Antifa is a violent group of mostly drones who act without conscience or forethought. There are some who are deeper in the game and are trying to provoke a reaction that would play to the left’s advantage. We should be vigilant but at the same time do not step into a trap. This is worse yet if the trap is in enemy country such as Commiefornia.

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