Gun Bits …

Quote of the day—Dick Polman

A little more than three years ago, the conservative activist Grover Norquist confidently declared, “When [Democrats] start to say … that people with guns are somehow connected to mass murders, that’s what turns voters off.” Democratic candidates will happily test that proposition in 2020. It’s a safe………….
Anti-gun zealots don’t understand math all that well. I say that as someone who freely admits that math is my weak point, but I do understand numbers. I can look at the numbers and compare them to others. No, that’s not rocket science. But it seems to be far beyond the understanding of some. For example, we……
Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto has angered gun rights advocates. That’s not that big of a deal, in and of itself. I mean, he’s the mayor of a large urban center. It’s unlikely that he really needs to worry about gun rights activists all that much most of the time. But he may want to start rethinking that idea. After all, they’re trying to impeach him from office , and even some who disagree with ………

Barbara Streisand Wonder How Many Have To Die Before Gun Control

I won’t say entertainers shouldn’t have opinions on politics. After all, they have the same rights as anyone else. Unfortunately for everyone, though, they feel the need to share them and because of who they are, they get a bigger podium to speak from. They simply have people who want to know about what they’re…

The Nazi Holocaust and Democrats

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