The Emotional Economy of Mass Murder


Mass murderers know something most of us don’t know. These murderers figured out that they can break the rules. They know they can do anything they want..for a while. No one will stop the murderer until people with guns arrive. Murderers get those 11 minutes of freedom to break the rules and to kill at will. Murderers enjoy the thrill of having their way with innocent people. They love the last free acts they will ever have. Murderers are thrilled by the notoriety that they get from the mass media..even if they never live to see it.

Murderers figured out that the rest of us obey the rules while they don’t have to obey the rules ever again. Mass murderers figured out that we are disarmed in “gun-free” zones. Murderers figured out that all we will do after they kill is create more rules.

Here is what murderers know.. and…

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One thought on “The Emotional Economy of Mass Murder

  1. Glenda T. Goode September 4, 2019 / 1:29 pm

    I think that a mass murderer establishes in their mind the justification that other people do not matter. Their general disrespect for the lives of others extends to the tools they use to murder them. Once you have crossed the moral boundary of the idea that you will commit murder, the fact that you break a law obtaining or equipping yourself to do this heinous act is of little importance. In essence, once a person crossed this moral boundary they become dangerous.

    Two things come to mind that contribute greatly to these decisions.

    One is that others have done it (mass murders) and their reasons matter little. The fact that there is obviously a way to make a big statement by murdering who knows how many people is in and of itself an attractive notion to someone who is that bitter or deranged with society. The more ink these murders get, the more murders we will see of a similar nature.

    The second thing is that reaction to the tools of the murderers. Anti gun regulations simply portray those communities that enact these laws as being all the more vulnerable both physically but also mentally. The shock and horror of a mass murder spree in a gun free zone or community is amplified in those in that community that thought making guns illegal to have in their area made them safer. In a way, the notion of killing someone who thinks they are safe might offer more satisfaction to the mind of someone who has crossed the boundary of moral behavior.

    The little talked of common denominator in these mass murders is the disaffected and bitter individual that is the source of the violence. These people will utilize any tool of destruction they can lay their hands on.

    We know the people in our communities (not strangers but people we know) who are disaffected. Who are prone to anger and are bitter. Who others say they fear. Who you would not cross intentionally in any way because of the things you have heard.

    These dangerous time bomb like people may be family members; may be people we graduated with; may be neighbors or members of a club or church you belong to. You may have worked with them for years. None of these people are total strangers most of the time.

    We have seen a steady march in our social behaviors away from prejudging people for any reason. This started back many years ago and as you can see, it is being demanded that we accept people without question despite any behaviors or appearances that we might find troubling. This social demand upon us, inhibits our willingness to speak up about someone we are concerned about because of a violent tendency they exhibit due to the negative retribution we would receive for daring to accuse or imply anything negative about another person.

    All of this forced acceptance of people without question is a part of the social agenda of the left in our society. This apparently is a part of their tactics in pursing their quest of altering the long term makeup of the United States in order to implement a top down highly controlling government that is foreign to our founding; They, the left, see any mass casualty event as just more reasons to engage more controls on the people.

    One can speculate the goals of the liberal socialist left and while you may determine and learn about things you were not aware of, the facts still are that as long as criticism and any inquiries into a person’s behavior are discouraged, we will see more and more mass casualty events in our future.

    Without a doubt, being armed and suddenly encountering a shooter gives one a distinct advantage of survival over being disarmed in that same situation. This would be one way to counter the threat and still have the taboo on judgemental behaviors and mandated acceptance within society. This would also prove that a liberal societal attitude is dangerous and that an armed populace is safer. Problem with that is that depending on which version you personally ascribe to as to the goals of the social planners you are delaying if not stopping their plans in their tracks and that cannot be tolerated. Thus, more gun control laws.

    In what I have said in this comment you can see a lot of what people who are not mental converts to the socialist agenda realize and perhaps have not put into their own words. It is our conscience that tells us something is wrong when it is not a simple moral dilemma. Public policy cannot be knee jerk policy because that kind of policy does not make sense. People are more complicated than that.

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