News/Gun Bits ….

Chuck Canterbury Nomination is Postponed Because of Strong Grassroots Activism!


Lying DemocRATs…

Adam Schiff and Democrats are twisting words to smear Trump


Creative Freedom And Gun Control

Earlier this week, a group of citizens opted to write a letter to try and push Warner Brothers to endorse gun control. The reason, Warner Brothers’ new movie, “The Joker,” the fictional Batman villain.

This is, of course, the same villain the Aurora, CO theater shooter dressed up as, which is all the reason the letter-writers apparently needed to decide to try and pressure the studio. That is, of course, assuming they really even needed a reason.

However, as an op-ed at the Washington Examiner notes, it’s an attack on creative freedom.


Beta male, Soy Boy…

While there is no legal mechanism to prevent the president from visiting, his message of hatred will never be welcome in Minneapolis.”

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey, on President Trump’s announced campaign rally at Target Center on Oct. 10.

It’s Minneapolis….Blue fools…


Schiff’s Dishonest B Movie

His little skit wasn’t funny at all because it was a brazen lie packaged as truth.


And of course the Left’s Propaganda Ministry is really spinning the truth…

Fox News Chris Wallace Says Trump Defenders Spin Is ‘Deeply Misleading, There Is Something There’ Featured


Not far from the truth!!

Democrats Reveal How Trump Whistleblower Complaint Originated

…whose Dad works for the CIA. Guess its pretty serious.

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