4 thoughts on “It’s A Good Thing We Are Not ..

  1. Glenda T. Goode September 1, 2021 / 11:40 am

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    You have finally laid out the real battle we are fighting in America.

    Since the Reagan administration, there has been a constant and vigorous war being waged to discredit and destroy the Christian community and its institutions. Initially I thought it was simply an effort to fragment the conservative bloc so it would be harder to rally them into a movement of any kind. As time has gone on the more insidious aspects of this war against Christianity has surfaced.

    The goal as far as I can tell of our opponents is to not just remove Christian beliefs and tenets but also the morality and sense of commonality that the foundations of our nation were built upon. It was always a political objective despite the superficial objective of loosening morality. By destroying our common bond the left or socialists (in all honesty they are oligarchs looking to grow their kingdoms of influence) open the door to fractionalizing our society and making it easy to control utilizing their puppet media.

    Our strength as Americans has always been the notion of right and wrong and morality. Our people saw our fighting in world wars as an opportunity to push back against nations that chose to impose their versions of these values on the world and in the process these nations were acting in ways outside of our values.

    As it applies to the topic of ‘Christians being America’s Taliban’, it is just a new attack on our beliefs and values as a group in order to banish us from the earth. Little do these atheist media types realize that our true enemy will destroy them as soon as they obtain complete control. The government does not need an independent media when it has dictatorial control over the society. They are a potential distraction and threaten the message.

    The islamic movements across the world and their barbaric belief systems have been allowed to carry on as they are being used by the cabal. This conspiratorial group that is steering all of the destruction of moral societies are using the rise of Islam as a destabilizing tool and once they have helped the elite cabal obtain full control over the producer/Christian nations (a.k.a. USA, and European nations) they, the Islamists, will be then labelled primitives and the collective force of the newly formed uni-society will be focused on these primitives to eradicate them and their religion from the earth. In other words, Islam has an expiration date in the minds of the cabal leaders.

    If you look to China you can see this has played out since the beginning of the ascension of Mao. As time has marched on China has eradicated religion from its society once it consolidated its control. We hear of atrocities against the Uighurs who are muslims as well as Tibet as China finalizes its conversion of its society from a religious one that honored various entities to one that worships the state.

    The media and the cabal are merely following the lead that China represents which has nothing to do with morals or values but only the continued existence of the state and the ultimate power the ‘elite’ therein can exert. The real question is who is really the primary controlling group that is behind this? The Chinese? The Bilderburgs? The likes of Soros?

    It is hard to say but I can offer that throughout history there has always been a battle between the people and those who seek to control them. Leadership and control breeds greed and avarice on global levels. Our nation was one of the first to throw off the mantle of monarchy and declare itself a Christian and moral society dedicated to protecting the rights of the citizens from despotic rule. The war upon Christianity is merely the equivalent of the crown trying to take our nation back. If we surrender our beliefs we surrender our freedoms..

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