Circumventing Posse Comitatus

The holocaust happened to people just like each of us, people who just couldn’t bring themselves to believe that their so-called “civilized” government would be capable of perpetrating war crimes and genocide against its own citizens..


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One thought on “Circumventing Posse Comitatus

  1. Gleason+Long November 11, 2022 / 11:19 am

    Interesting Article, Sir. Especially Now. What is your wildest guess as to what President TRUMP’s Message will be on 11/15? At the end of the Florida Ralley and the Ohio Rallies last week he announced that he would have an Important message, on the fifteenth. After starting the statement, he took avery deliberate and serious 12 second pause. He looked troubled, as he gazed left and right surveying the crowd. His Jaw was clenched, and his face distorted as if he were having a hard time imagining what he was about to anounce. Choosing his words very carefully it seemed. Any News on the New FAA NOTAM for the large area off Florida’s east coast (Including the area around Winter White House)? Conspiracy, or just “Normal Activity” I’m of the Ilk that doesn’t believe it will be about his 2024 Presidential Campaign. Without sounding totally off the rails, possibly “17’s,” long awaited “The Storm is Upon Us” Anouncement. Curious what you Think MM.

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