News/Gun Bits ..

The Italian Years of Lead: Could the Secret “Strategy of Tension” Foreshadow America’s Future?


Name calling. A Democrat’s fallback position when they are losing or losing it.

Biden calls woman “lying, dog-faced pony soldier”


More Biden.

And now it’s Hellfire missiles against American Citizens?

Biden Talks About Using Hellfire Missiles Against American Gun Owners


What? You expect the liberal media to actually report news???

ABC, CBS Uninterested in Van Attack Against Trump Supporters Registering Voters

DO you ever see them reporting on AntiFa when they attack?

’nuff said. Liberal media is worthless.


Socialized medicine, rationed care, will kill you..

The Horror of Wuhan and the Truth of Socialized Medicine


I’m sure some snowflake would say he should have just called 911…

Father tackles home invader after hearing daughter scream, holds him at gunpoint until police arrive


What? A school for snowflakes? Led by snowflakes?

School Tells Student To Remove Old Glory From Truck… Student Response Is MAGA Gold!



2 thoughts on “News/Gun Bits ..

  1. kamas716 February 11, 2020 / 10:13 am

    Sounds like a school administrator needs an education

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