Gun Bits and Ridiculous ……

Government Failure in Minneapolis

The stupid and greed is strong amongst politicians in Minneapolis…


Alcohol consumption in U.S. rose 14% during pandemic, RAND finds

Is that all???

In formerly Great Britain…The Barbarians have returned..

Crowd shouted ‘light them up’ as eight police officers doused in petrol after motorbike chase

If this does not deserve a lethal response….

So let’s see Joe’s tax returns!!

The Bidens Avoided Paying More Than $500,000 in Payroll Taxes by Exploiting S Corporations

‘Pigouvian Tax’ on Guns an Intolerable Act that Will Only Increase Violence

If economics eggheads really want to talk total societal costs, they’d best not overlook the costs of trying to coerce untold millions of armed citizens who have had it with stupid and arrogant Intolerable Acts. (Scan by NYPL / Public domain)

When you let Government into your home …

12-Year-Old Suspended for Having a Toy Gun in his Home

We the Reasonable Are Outnumbered – and Massively Outgunned

Big time….

Why the Left Is Attacking Amy Coney Barrett (It’s not Just Because Trump Nominated Her)


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