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Time to Repeal Obama Gun Control!

Senate to Vote Next Week on Concealed Carry Reciprocity and other Gun Amendments
– Sen. Crapo moves to ‘Choke’ Operation Choke Point

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Next week, there will be more gun votes on the floor of the United States Senate than there will be for the rest of the year put together.

The Senate will vote on an amendment by Senator Mike Crapo (R-ID) on whether to eliminate the Operation Choke Point program — designed by the Obama administration to squeeze the financial life out of the firearms industry.

In addition, the Senate is expected to vote on whether or not to implement national concealed carry reciprocity.  It could vote on whether ATF’s ban on AR-15 ammunition should be permanently prohibited.  It could vote on whether to make it illegal for the Senate to push semi-auto or magazine bans — or universal gun registries.

The vehicle will be the Concurrent Budget Resolution.  And it’s perhaps the only time when senators can — and do — offer amendments on ANYTHING THEY WANT.  And they offer hundreds of amendments.

But — and this is an important “but” — despite the fact that there will be hundreds of amendments, these votes will freeze senators into a “pro-gun” or “anti-gun” position.  And, when reciprocity or Choke Point come up again in two or three months, senators will find it almost impossible to shift from the positions they will take on the Budget Resolution next week.

Remember the UN Arms Trade Treaty?  The first vote we forced on this issue was an amendment to the Budget Resolution.  And because a majority of senators voted against it on the Budget Resolution, we were able to boomerang this vote into an appropriations rider prohibiting Obama from implementing it by executive fiat.

So, here’s what’s going to happen next week.

We have been authorized to tell you that Senator Mike Crapo of Idaho will offer an amendment to cut off funds for Operation Choke Point. Choke Point, as you remember, was an effort by Eric Holder and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation to shut down the firearms industry by cutting off credit from gun dealers and eliminating credit card processing for the Second Amendment community.

Although Holder, under pressure, removed guns from the list of “high risk” industries that included pornographers, drug paraphernalia, and payday lenders, he is apparently using Choke Point to destroy gun dealers on a case-by-case basis.

The Crapo amendment is aimed at shutting the program down.

In addition, we continue to work with senators like Mike Lee, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and others to ensure that the Senate will be forced to vote on reciprocity, ammo bans, and semi-auto and magazine bans.  We will e-mail you again as senators authorize us to notify you of their amendments.

ACTIONContact both of your senators.  Demand that they support Senator Mike Crapo’s amendment to prohibit Eric Holder from shutting down the gun industry by cutting off its credit.


ATF Makes a “Tactical Retreat” in the Face of Overwhelming Opposition to its Ammo Ban

ATF Makes a “Tactical Retreat” in the Face of Overwhelming Opposition to its Ammo Ban

“If anyone needed any more proof that [the ATF] has become a politicized repository of liberal anti-gun hacks, your proposed effort to effectively ban AR-15’s by illegally banning AR-15 ammunition has cleared up any doubt.” — GOA Comments that were officially submitted to ATF

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In a stunning new development, the ATF has announced today that it will “formally delay” the implementation of its ammo ban, in the face of 80,000 comments which were overwhelmingly negative.

Last month, Obama’s ATF had proposed a rule to effectively ban AR-15’s by banning the common AR-15 “green tip” ammunition.

Supposedly, gun owners had until March 16 to send comments to ATF. But then, lo and behold, the AR-15 ammunition in question turned up (last week) on an ATF list of ammunition indicating that it had ALREADY BEEN BANNED. Oops!

The ATF claimed this was a “publishing error.”  But the only “error” the lying agency made was to telegraph its firm intention before the comment period was closed.  It was like the bizarre world of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland:  First the sentence; then the trial.

ATF cries “uncle” after getting hammered from the public

The agency is now crying “uncle,” in the face of thousands upon thousands of negative comments from gun owners all around the country — including more than 200 congressmen.

The agency said today:

Although ATF endeavored to create a proposal that reflected a good faith interpretation of the law and balanced the interests of law enforcement, industry, and sportsmen, the vast majority of the comments received to date are critical of the framework, and include issues that deserve further study.

A “good faith interpretation”?  Well, that’s laughable.  But realize the agency says the issue deserves “further study.”

So now the question becomes:  Is this a genuine retreat, or just a “tactical retreat,” as we saw with Operation Choke Point?  In that case, the federal government removed gun dealers from its “risky business list,” but continue to persecute them under that program on a case-by-case basis.

And, finally, what about the ban on Russian-made 7N6 ammo, which is not reversed by ATF’s reversal?

Our answer to both of these questions is that we need to keep up the pressure — and not trust ATF’s purported “change of heart.”

GOA will keep watching the ATF and alert you to any future attempts to slip a ban by the American people.

Your grassroots efforts have been phenomenal!!!

In the past couple of weeks, GOA had warned millions of Americans to the dangers of the AR-15 ammo ban through our website and Facebook pages, and appeared in several media outlets as well.

You can listen to (or read) some of the interviews with GOA spokesmen here:

* GOA helps fan the flames against the AR-15 ban, The Hill, March 8, 2015

* Obama’s bullet grab sparks rebellion, WorldNetDaily, March 4, 2015

* GOA blasts Obama’s justification for ammo ban, The Blaze, March 2, 2015

* GOA lays out strategy for defeating the ban on AR-15 ammunition, March 4, 2015.  NOTE: Click on the “WND/Radio America” link half way down the page to hear the interview with GOA’s legislative counsel Michael Hammond.

This has been a team effort.  And we thank you for all your participation.

For now, pat yourselves on the back — your hard work in lobbying Congress and sending your comments to the ATF has paid off!


Guns ‘n’ Freedom

Guns ‘n’ Freedom

Guns and freedom come together or they go together.

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Will Obama be Forced to Swallow a Repeal of the AR-15 Ammo Ban?

Gun Owners of America

Will Obama be Forced to Swallow a Repeal
of the AR-15 Ammo Ban?

ACTION:   Click here to contact your Senators and Represenatative and urge them to support a repeal of ATF’s AR-15 ban.  And tell them to vote against the DHS funding bill — specifically, urging your Senators to vote against any cloture motion that would facilitate it.

ATF’s ban on common AR-15 ammo

As GOA activists know, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) recently proposed a ban on “green tip” AR-15 ammo.

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The ban is completely lawless and unconstitutional, and there are legislators who want to fight the ban.

At least one Republican office is considering an amendment to block Obama’s illegal AR-15 ammunition ban by attaching it to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) funding bill.

But if you’ve been watching the news, you know that there is a royal battle right now over this bill because of Obama’s Executive Amnesty, something that GOA has reported on before.

Executive Amnesty threatens gun owners’ rights

To provide some context, Barack Obama initiated the controversy by unconstitutionally and unlawfully using “executive action” to give amnesty to 5,000,000 people illegally in this country.

How do we know it’s illegal? Because Barack Obama himself had said repeatedly that it would be illegal, and now a federal court has said the same.

And, to give you a sense of what stake the Second Amendment community has in this battle, we will quote liberal anti-gun Oregon Democratic Congressman Kurt Schrader, who confidently opined that this fight “will decide who is in charge of this country for the next 20 or 30 years.”

In other words, if you add another 5-8,000,000 anti-gun voters to the rolls, we can kiss the Second Amendment good-bye.

But, to get back to our story, Obama “decreed” an amnesty last year which he himself had pronounced unlawful.

And his primary (unspoken) defense was that the Police Chief (Eric Holder) worked for him and the newly-packed federal courts would, generally, do what he told them to do.
In December, Republicans had their best chance to defeat Obama’s Executive Amnesty.  But as many of you will remember, House Speaker John Boehner caved and said that Republicans would fight the battle in February.

Well, we warned Republicans in December that the fight to kill the anti-gun amnesty would be a lot harder if they put it off until February (this week).

After all, we know that if Republicans send Obama a DHS funding bill with NO monies for amnesty, that the President will veto it.  And this, of course, means that the Department of Homeland Security sends all non-essential employees home.

How does that help the cause, knowing that in order to defeat amnesty, we’re refusing to pay our border agents?  We simply chop off our nose to spite our face.

McConnell Surrenders and Retreats

Making the best out of a less than ideal situation, the House of Representatives has now used its “power of the purse” to do one simple and obvious thing:  The House-passed appropriations (money) bill funded all of America’s security operations, with the sole exception of Obama’s admittedly unconstitutional amnesty.  And it sent the bill to the Senate.

Enter Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid.  Reid has been whining about Republican filibusters for the last six years.  But, now that the shoe is on the other foot, Reid has no problem with blocking the Senate from even proceeding to the bill.

And this was the case even though Republicans were prepared to allow Reid to offer amendments — a courtesy Reid never gave Republicans when he was in charge.

And, incidentally, even though it is Reid who is filibustering, a “lap-dog” press has no problem paradoxically blaming the GOP for holding up the bill.

So McConnell surrendered.  His “compromise” would send Barack Obama a “clean” appropriations bill which fully funds Obama’s illegal amnesty.  Sure, he has a “sham” companion bill, but that bill will be vetoed and the veto sustained.

Furthermore, in order to avoid forcing Democrats to vote on “uncomfortable” issues, McConnell is offering to use a parliamentary tool to shut out all pro-gun amendments.

Why is this important?  It’s important because at least one Republican office is considering an amendment to block Obama’s illegal AR-15 ammunition ban.  McConnell’s “compromise” would prevent this amendment from being offered.

So, now that McConnell is lying on the floor (metaphorically) and allowing Obama to kick him in the face, Reid should be satisfied, right?


Harry Reid has just announced that he won’t accept McConnell’s surrender until House Speaker John Boehner surrenders as well.

ACTIONClick here to contact your Senators and Representative.  Tell them to vote against the DHS funding bill — and specifically urge your Senators to vote against any cloture motion that would facilitate it.


Contrasting Fears: Disarmists v 2A Supporters

Who or what do the disarmists fear, and who or what, do the second amendment supporters fear?

Second amendment supporters fear: Tyrannical governments

Disarmists fear: Limited government.

Second amendment supporters fear: Criminals

Disarmists fear: Their fellow citizens.

Second amendment supporters fear: Terrorists

Disarmists fear: Their fellow citizens

Second amendment supporters fear: Being helpless

Disarmists fear: Being responsible for self defense

Second amendment supporters fear: Being disarmed

Disarmists fear: Guns