Seen at Quora:

Charlie Fortin
Q: “Isn’t it true that the extremism on the right is ultimately a response to the extremism of the left?”
A: On the left we have:
Defund the police.
Unrestricted immigration.
Inflation is caused by the irresponsible creation of money.
Arming Ukraine.
Coddling street rioters in 2020.
Making political prisoners out of J6 attendees.
Ignoring election problems in 2020
Directing the military away from readiness toward identarian social goals.
Using school shooting tragedies to advance gun restrictions.
Food shortages.
Gas shortages.
Mandates that are not voted on by the representatives of the people.
Flaunting justice., Democratic leadership claims rules don’t apply to them.
All of which appear to be part of a coordinated plan to sow chaos and destruction in American society before the midterms in November, the consequences of which are too terrible to discuss here or anywhere.
I am hard pressed to find any comparable initiatives on the right that do not defend our freedoms, our Constitution, or support historically conventional practices and typically “American” ways of life.

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