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Take Down! Assaulted. Jihad. Gun! Public Schools.

Take down? Hell this was an ass whupping!! For what?


Only in Mankato..

Woman charged with assault for allegedly throwing tampon at officers


Someone please tell us why we hear nothing about this? Why anytime a gun is even SEEN, the effing media trumpets it all over the place? Yet a brutal killing by a Mooslim and nothing?

‘Gruesome’: Muslim Man Beheads Two New Jersey Christians


How it works. 65 year old lady, 5 thugs, odds looking bad, one gun, odds change…Tell us you gun grabbing assOs. How would you have liked this to turn out?


More Suxage from Public Schools..

2nd Grader Suspended from Colorado School for Playing Imaginary Game of “Rescuing the World”

Where is reason? Where is the PTA? Where is America? The teacher and whoever in the admin who sanctions such insanity should be rubber roomed ASAP.

Surely the immoral traitors are in charge. America is disappearing under the jackboot of the left.

Imagination outlawed at Colorado schoolFox31 Denver (thanks to Tom)

LOVELAND, Colo. — A 2nd grader has been suspended from school in Loveland for a make believe game he was playing.
The 7-year-old says he was trying to save the world. But school administrators say he broke a key rule during his pretend play.
“I was trying to save people and I just can’t believe I got dispended,” says Alex Evans, who doesn’t understand his suspension any better than he can pronounce it.
“It’s called ‘rescue the world,’” he says.
He was playing a game during recess at Loveland’s Mary Blair Elementary School and threw an imaginary grenade into a box with pretend evil forces inside.
“I pretended the box, there’s something shaking in it, and I go ‘pshhh.’”
The boy didn’t throw anything real or make any threats against anyone. He explains he was pretending to be the hero. “So nothing can get out and destroy the world.”
Alex is like a lot of 2nd graders, perpetual motion. His mom says the little boy doesn’t understand why pretending to be a soldier was wrong.
“I think that when a child is trying to save the world, I don’t think he should be punished for it.”


Another vacation?

Obama to Vacation in West Palm Beach

SOB does not do anything, but I guess screwing America is hard work!!



Students taught oral-sex tricks (and more)



Shool?..Tip..Skeet..Defiance..Reign Of Terror..#DHStips..

Direct headline from Star and Tribune…Online Version..

No one hurt in Lake Harriet Shool boiler explosion


Nice survival tip..

Of course one will need a few bricks..


Gauntlet has been thrown…Buck Ofama has been challenged..

Put your money where your mouth is..

I doubt you will though..


Really? They would?

Defy Buck Ofama? Your damn tootin’ we will!!


They support it.

Then they don’t.

Now they want Taxpayers to help??!!

Screw that crap..

Maybe they, Unions should just grow up or go away..


Invasion USA…


Terrorists..What a wonderful job our Pissant Public School System is doing!!

The deadly rise of extremism in America continues as yet another child has been expelled from school for wielding a toy gun.

Yesterday we reported on the five-year-old in Massachusetts who faces suspension for building a small toy gun out of lego bricks and play-shooting his classmates.

Earlier this week, we reported on an incident that erupted when a discussion between two children about a toy nerf gun caused a lockdown and a massive armed police response at two elementary schools in the Bronx.

Earlier this month, a Long Island high school was also placed on lock down for 6 hours in response to a student carrying a toy nerf gun.

Another incident this month saw a five-year-old girl suspended after a three hour grilling, and described as a “terroristic threat”, when she brought a pink bubble gun to school.

Last week, a South Philadelphia elementary student was searched in front of classmates and threatened with arrest after she mistakenly brought a “paper gun” to school.

A 6-year-old boy was suspended from his elementary school in Maryland for making a gun gesture with his hand and saying “pow”.

Days later another two 6-year-olds in Maryland were suspended for pointing their fingers into gun shapes while playing “cops and robbers” with each other.

In Oklahoma, a five-year-old boy was also recently suspended for making a gun gesture with his hand.

A 13-year-old Middle School seventh grade student in Pennsylvania was also suspended for the same hand gesture.

When will this reign of terror end?


Super Bowl fans will be TSA’d.

Gropes, prodded, probed…


#DHStips how to protect oneself from the guy with the gun at the office!!

~ Fashion a weapon using paper clips and rubber bands, staples may also be used, however they are less effective


Wal Mart sets quotas on Ammo you can buy at one time!!


North Korea declares martial law?

And this is different from ???


National police group: Obama’s plan ‘will do nothing’ about gun crimes

A major police benevolent association created to help families of officers killed in the line of duty has come out against President Obama’s gun control plan, declaring it “will do nothing” to stop the types of gun crimes officers face every day.

The Southern Police Benevolent Society, part of the national Police Benevolent Society, also endorsed private gun ownership, adding that it poses no threat to police or the public.


What Difference….