Pelosi-backed gun bill would easily put you in jail……………….

Gun Owners of America

Pelosi Wants to Criminalize Private Sales and Send You to Prison for Merely Showing Off Your Gun to a Neighbor

Nancy Pelosi and her anti-gun team are either profoundly stupid or genuinely evil.

Although either answer is arguably correct, the latter most likely explains H.R. 8 — a bill that is scheduled for a hearing this week in the House Judiciary Committee.

With H.R. 8, Pelosi and her gun-hating cronies have crafted a “Universal Background Check” bill with dozens of trap doors that could, if enforced to the letter, put millions of gun owners in prison.

Specifically, the bill outlaws the “transfer” of a firearm without a Brady Check. While this includes private sales, it by no means is limited to that.

The term “transfer” is nowhere defined, but it’s clear from the bill that handing your gun to a neighbor for as little as one second is a “transfer” unless you’re covered by one of the bill’s so-called exceptions.

So if you show off your new gun to your neighbor in your living room, and hand it to him to look at, you’re a criminal, and can go to prison for up to a year under federal level.

But as onerous as this provision is, the worst part consists of the Universal Gun Registry the bill would create.

Under H.R. 8, since every gun transfer will go through a dealer, every gun owner will have a 4473.

We know that the ATF, in connection with annual inspections conducted under federal law, is increasingly copying these forms to its database in a centrally accessible format. See examples here.

So here’s the problem: if everyone has a 4473, everyone is potentially in the database.

Even the Obama Administration recognized this in 2013, when a leaked memo from the Justice Department revealed its assessment of Universal Background Checks:

Effectiveness depends on the ability to reduce straw purchasing, requiring gun registration …. (Emphasis added.)

Regardless, gun grabbers today are trying to put a new spin on Universal Registration Checks. They claim that section 5(1) in the bill prohibits registration.

The problem is that the Firearm Owners Protection Act of 1986 CURRENTLY prohibits a national gun registry. And yet, the ATF is not interpreting that prohibition from preventing it from doing what it’s already doing.

So if the current prohibition isn’t effective, why would anyone suppose that putting it in the law a second time would make any difference?

Are we putting the ATF on double super-secret probation?

As I mentioned above, the House is now pushing this bill to the forefront.

So please send your Representative a pre-written letter OPPOSING H.R. 8.

If you call your Representative — and want additional talking points — you can go here to see GOA’s Fact Sheet on H.R. 8.

3 thoughts on “Pelosi-backed gun bill would easily put you in jail……………….

  1. Glenda T. Goode February 7, 2019 / 6:40 am

    When you encounter a liberal and the issue of gun control pops up you have to ask yourself why this is so important when there are literally 20 other issues or problems that are far more deadly in our society today.

    The rather obvious answer is that the liberals want to ban guns. What other reason is there for constantly adding restriction after restriction to gun ownership???? I would add, legal gun owners DO NOT commit very many gun crimes. ILLEGAL OWNERSHIP does. (How are those laws working to prevent gun crimes????)

    So, since the liberal knows that coming out and announcing that they want to ban guns would be a political death sentence for many of them and it would serve to fully polarize the battle lines between the conservative and liberal they, instead, pursue increasing levels of antagonism in the form of more and more ridiculous restrictions on gun owners trying, in vain I might add, to drive the number of gun owners down.

    On the whole, the obvious fact that the left is NOT INTERESTED in actually lowering crime rates and are simply trying to obtain a de facto totalitarian state-like control over the population of our nation.

  2. Deserttrek February 7, 2019 / 10:33 am

    they don’t hold the senate , nor is pelosi the pres
    President Trump supports us and the 2nd A

    • Glenda T. Goode February 7, 2019 / 11:31 am

      Very true that Peloisi’s proposed legislation will not see a vote this term. The problem though, is two fold.

      What is being proposed is part of a fairly well organized plan by the democratic strategists to end private ownership of guns. Pelosi’s proposal with all the other new regulations being proposed in state legislatures all over the country all are designed to continue weakening our right to bear arms. Eventually, the democrats will be back into control and will pass some sort of legislation that will have draconian effects on private gun ownership.

      Everybody is a rebel at times. We do things that flaunt the law of whatever we are focused on whether it is speeding, or parking in a handicap space. This kind of rebel knows they are wrong and no one condemns them as treasonous for doing such things.

      What is coming is when the democrats finally pass some gun law that truly does outlaw semi-autos or other types of weapons, then it will make millions of us revolutionaries for not complying with federal law and the left will use this excuse to discourage our resistance with great prejudice. Bad things will result from that. Bad things.

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