Police. Islam! Sequester? Phony Scandals!! Human Right! Help? Buck Ofama!

This from Police One…

The public has nothing to fear from well-trained tactical teams made up of motivated Ethical Warriors

Police militarization and the Ethical Warrior


So the State Department supports Islam?

State Department Blasts Enemies of Islam


Sequester dies not apply to his Royal Assness, Buck Ofama or his mutt Bo.

Sequester: Barack Obama threatens our veterans with a loss of benefits, yet his dog flies separately to Martha’s Vineyard


The Phony Scandals of Buck Ofama!!!!

Phony my ass!!!

Benghazi: Whistleblower claims 400 missiles were stolen in Libya

Lois Lerner caught on tape admitting the IRS was under political pressure to “do something” about the Citizens United ruling before targeting conservative groups


Yes it is and I will resist, if necessary, violently anyone whom tries to take my right to defend myself and family away from me….

Self-Defense Is a Human Right


We’re the Government and we are NOT here to help!!

Especially some State that advocates Freedom!!!

Feds deny Arizona’s request for disaster relief funds to help wildfire victims


Our Narcissist, Arrogant Embarrassing, pResident…

Shows his form of Diplomacy and tactlessness once again..

Obama mocks Putin: ‘he’s got that kind of slouch look’

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