‘Medical Meltdown:’ Obamacare Ushers in Doctor Shortages….

‘Medical Meltdown:’ Obamacare Ushers in Doctor Shortages….

Yep. The Obamacare advantages to our healthcare keep piling up…


“What do I mean by medical meltdown? Well, sadly, I’m here to tell you that the medical care you’ve enjoyed in the past in your life is simply not going to be there in the future.”

We have so much regulation that almost no medical care gets out. We have over 160,000 pages of Medicare regulation and counting. Obamacare is Medicare on steroids.

Tryng To Fix Stupid….

Obamacare advocates seek to fix problem they made worse….

Tough to do…

“A different healthcare issue has emerged for Democrats, in sync with the party’s pitch to workers and middle-class voters ahead of next year’s elections,” reported the Associated Press a few days ago. “It’s not the uninsured, but rather the problem of high out-of-pocket costs for people already covered. Democrats call it ‘underinsurance.’ “

Meet Your Insurer: Your Doctor

Will patients be unwelcome in doctor’s offices? On January 26, 2015, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced it’s moving away from fee-for-service Medicare payments – the way you pay your plumber, your hairstylist, your photographer – and planning to tie 30% of Medicare payments to “quality” by 2016 and 50% by the end of 2018. For doctors still getting reimbursed for actual services provided, HHS wants to link 90 percent of their payment to “quality metrics” by 2018. (PoliticoPro, 1/26/15)

This means your physician may not get fully paid. If doctors don’t meet government standards – if they don’t practice standardized medicine; if they don’t electronically collect and report your private data; if they don’t convince you to take the flu shot – they may not get paid.

You may become a threat to your doctor’s and hospital’s bottom line, especially if your condition is expensive, chronic, or complex — or if you don’t stay healthy.

Doctors may abandon critical thinking – and with it, their patients. They may do whatever the computer screen tells them to do. Hospitals may limit treatment choices on the computer. And the best doctors may retire rather than violate their conscience.

How did this happen?

It began when Congress offered “free” health care. All sorts of Medicare price controls have been tried, including managed care in 1998 (now Medicare Advantage), and a “pay for performance” scheme in the 2003 Medicare Modernization Act, forcing doctors to be paid for their “performance” rather than actual care given.

Then Obamacare established Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) to meld doctors and hospitals together and force them to manage patient care, or face financial consequences. The ACO, sometimes called “HMO on steroids,” will be paid a lump sumfor all care given to a defined group of Medicare recipients enrolled in the ACO without their consent. Thus, doctors and hospitals become insurers. By law they will split savings (and losses) with the federal government.

Doctors will face extraordinary pressure to cut care. Under Obamacare’s “value-based payments,” they’ll be paid according to the “value” they provide. Big Government, Big Health, Big Data, and Big Business are in support of this unethical bureaucratic method to cut costs by cutting care.  To drive VBP, a new “Transformation” task forcelaunched today.

Patients should be alarmed. These controls are enabled by electronic health records (EHRs). The “tell all, see all” EHR is being pushed by both Republicans and Democrats. On January 27, Republicans issued a “21st Century Cures” document  including a plan to advance a “national interoperable health information infrastructure.” And Obama’s team views Health IT (nationwide linkable EHRs) as “the foundation for a truly 21st century health system where we pay for the right care, not just more care.”

These words are chilling. Who will decide “right care”? Not you.

The loss of your physician as your advocate in your most vulnerable hours is another reason why Obamacare must be repealed.   Your generous donation of $25, $75, $150 or more to CCH Freedom today will be used to stop Obamacare by every means possible until repeal.


Mark Dayton Lying (Again) About Insurance Costs

Against irrefutable evidence from insurance carriers, Democrat Mark Dayton insists on lying to Minnesotans when it comes to the increasing cost of healthcare on Obamacare and his pet project MNsure.

Dayton tried to sweep the increasing cost of healthcare under the rug with his bogus claim of a 4.5% increase.

The reality is the average person on MNsure will see double digit cost increases, and up to 60 percent if they are currently on PreferredOne through MNsure!

And now, as Obamacare hits the private sector, small businesses are seeing increases of 20%, 40% even 60% and higher!

Jeff Johnson is holding Mark Dayton accountable for his lie. Johnson said, “That 4.5 percent statistic is bogus. It’s meaningless. It’s nonsense. It was a blatant lie coming from the governor. I believe the governor needs to apologize to the people of Minnesota for lying to us about the MNsure rates.”

It’s obvious Mark Dayton is desperate as he attempts to deceive Minnesotans and cover up his failing Obamacare MNsure exchange.

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Well this is just ‘Epic’!!
Screwed up medical records and Ebola!!
Electronic system ‘Epic’, yes that is the name of the system…

Owned by a top Obama donor!!!

Epic was founded by billionaire Judy Faulkner, a top Obama donor whose company is the dominant EMR player in the U.S. health care market. As I reported last year, Epic employees donated nearly $1 million to political parties and candidates between 1995 and 2012 — 82 percent of it to Democrats. The company’s Top 10 PAC recipients are all Democratic or leftwing outfits, from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (nearly $230,000) to the DNC Services Corporation (nearly $175,000) and the America’s Families First Action Fund super-PAC ($150,000).

Another victim of Obama, Holder and…

Operation Choke Point…