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CSGV and the meaning of cowardice….


I thought Common Stupidity about Gun Violence..

Was against violence..

Most gun owners I know and associate with are not violent people.

Meaning we do not go looking for fights, confrontations, etc.

Which does not mean we will avoid or back down if put in such situations.

Means we will avoid them.

Yet the Common Stupidity group seems to be looking for fights, fist fights it appears.

This is a good article on why to AVOID fist fights. Seen my share of folks pounded into mush in my 20 plus years in EMS..

Not something I want to experience.

So as stated in article…

I’ll admit it, I am terrified of getting into a fistfight.  I’m not gonna take it outside.  I’m not gonna settle it like a man.  I will do everything I can to avoid a fight, and if that means I have to shoot you, guess what, I’m gonna shoot you (which believe me, I’d much rather not).

CSGV and the meaning of cowardice….