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Your a liberal troll and you know who you are and yes I moderate hate filled, vile, comments.

Because I can.


I’m a consider myself a Christian, although I fall quite often, way more often then I like. Must be my stubborness and temper, gets away from me unfortunately…

I am pro life.

I support:

  • Family, the Biblical version. You know? Marriage. Man, woman. Children.
  • Faith, Christianity, the Jesus kind, not the BS preached by many these days
  • Freedom. Constitution Style. American all the way.
  • Firearms. 2nd Amendment!!
  • Friends. A few good ones is all I need.

And that includes some good Left Leaning friends that aren’t despicable haters..

You, you liberal troll go find a hole and crawl in it…

URGENT: Biden’s Imminent Pistol Ban

The Biden-Harris Administration and the ATF are cracking down on your right to own a pistol.
The upcoming “Amnesty Registration” rule for pistol braces will facilitate the banning and registration of millions of pistol braced weapons.
Biden and Kamala are forcing you to choose between two options:
A) Give the ATF your name, Social Security number, address, phone number, email, payment information, FINGERPRINTS, as well as the make, model, and serial number of your firearm – and provide photographic evidence of your compliance


B) Face jail time and pay a $250,000 fine

And now that the ATF has created a complete federal gun registry of every commercial firearm transaction in the last 20 years, the ATF is in its strongest position in history to begin confiscating your firearms.
The tyranny MUST END NOW. We are ordering the House of Representatives to DEFUND the ATF so that it doesn’t have a single penny at its disposal to infringe upon gun owners’ rights.
Please add your name to our pre-written letter to tell YOUR Representative not to fund the ATF’s pistol brace crackdown – AND to introduce a bill in Congress to DEFUND the entire ATF.




Per the Biden-Harris Administration’s new rule, the updated form that pistol owners will now have to complete to register their pistol brace firearm is the ATF Form 1.
According to the ATF itself, completing a Form 1 takes approximately four hours.
That means, the owners of up to 40,000,000 braced weapons will spend up to a collective 160,000,000 hours registering their lawfully acquired firearms to comply with the Biden-Harris Administration’s new regulation.
Moreover, gun owners may be required to pay a $200 tax per firearm just for complying with this new regulation – totaling up to $8,000,000,000 for the federal government.
The ATF reportedly processed 512,315 National Firearms Act forms in 2020.
At that rate – assuming no further backlog and assuming all affected gun owners comply with gun registration – it would take the ATF over 78 years to process all the pistol registration forms.
I can assure you that Biden’s White House won’t want to wait 78 years. They won’t want to wait 78 days.
They want to start cracking down on your guns RIGHT NOW.
That’s why Biden will be forced to turn to the House of Representatives to fund the ATF’s latest assault on the Second Amendment.
But gun owners like YOU can call upon Congress to refuse to subsidize this mass infringement upon our God-given rights.
We also cannot be timid in our fight. It’s not enough to tell the House not to fund this egregious assault on our rights…
…We need to go further and demand that Congress DEFUND the entire ATF.
A federal agency that is on the brink of collecting your fingerprints in order for you to exercise a constitutionally protected right should be stripped of every dollar and abolished.
Even worse, the ATF will be collecting your fingerprints so you can own firearms that are already in your home.
By ATF’s own word, which isn’t worth much, it was previously legal to own those firearms without these extra unconstitutional hoops that you will now need to jump through.
So please, add your name to our pre-written letter to tell YOUR Representative not to fund the ATF’s pistol brace crackdown – AND to introduce a bill in Congress to DEFUND the entire ATF.

Request Was Made By ..

Blog follower…


one time, a while ago, you had a graphic, concerning Gun confiscation, and the deaths of unarmed citizens, as a result of it…. if you have it, would you run it again?

Some added facts…Remember, facts mean nothing to the gun grabbers…

Murder and homicide rates before and after gun bans

You can draw your oewn conclusions from that!!


So my conclusion is..Hold onto your damn guns!!!


Guns Mean To You??

Study Asks What Guns Mean To Owners

To me?

Well for many years, since like when I was 6 or 7 and got my first BB gun and my first safety lessons, shooting lessons, etc.

I enjoyed plinking, hunting gophers in my Grandfather’s fields, he taught me how to trap them and gave my a Quarter!! per rodent. Many I ‘finished’ off with my BB gun.

Next it was a .22lr and spending much time with my Dad squirrel hunting and with every session, more safety and handling lessons! Dad was a combat vet (Korea) and a Firearms Safety Instructor for almost 50 years.

Gradually into pheasant and deer hunting.

Many hours spent ‘plinking’ and target shooting in my youth.

I enjoy guns and all aspects of them. Taking them apart, took a correspondence Gunsmith course many years ago (no online crap back then!), reloading my own boolits etc.

Make me an expert? Nope. But many blogs on ‘guns’ I read, so called ‘experts’, I can easily tell how much ‘actual’ experience these ‘experts’ have with ‘guns’ and the practical applications there of.

Self defense was never something I thought about, that has changed, changed after I bought my first house and one night a couple of crooked types tried to force their way into my house. I was probably 20 or so. I  flapped the light switch on and they saw me standing there with my Ruger single action six pointed at them. They vanished in a hurry. It was ‘only’ a .22 but they did not know that.

That’s when I realized guns were more then a tool to be used for hunting, target shooting etc.

And then the attempts by crooked politicians to subvert the 2nd Amendment and try to take away my guns, or woke me up to that fact.

So guns to me mean a lot of things. To many for any of the anti-gun crowd to ever understand..






H.R. 127…

A Bill Designed to Express Hostility Toward Law-Abiding Gun Owners

H.R. 127 would ban common types of ammunition, including every shotgun shell larger than .410.

H.R. 127 would force Americans to relinquish hundreds of millions firearm magazines with no compensation.

H.R. 127 would require the federal government to register some 400 million guns in the span of only 3 months.

The firearm registry database would have to be made available to “all members of the public,” as well as “all branches of the United States Armed Forces,” among others.

Ironically, criminals who possess firearms illegally would self-exempt themselves from the registration requirement, and under U.S. Supreme Court case law, could not be required to disclose their illegal firearm possession through registration.

H.R. 127 would retroactively criminalize firearm ownership by young adults.

H.R. 127 would discourage voluntary mental health treatment, including for combat veterans or victims of violent trauma, by permanently prohibiting the issuance of a license to anyone who “has been hospitalized … with a mental illness, disturbance, or diagnosis (including … addiction to a controlled substance … or alcohol) … .”

H.R. 127 would effectively price lawful firearm ownership out of reach for many of the poorest and most vulnerable Americans.

  • H.R. 127 has a long way to go before becoming law.

o   The bill has not yet been scheduled for a committee hearing, and it currently has zero cosponsors.

o   While it is not presently moving, it does show how far gun control advocates would like to go in attacking the right to keep and bear arms.

Keep the pressure on your politicritters…

Gun Bits ..

The coming onslaught against our Rights from the totalitarian left…

How New York City Is Denying Residents 2A Rights

Anti-Gunner Says NRA is Responsible for Capitol Occupation, Meanwhile Video of Alleged Antifa Members Surfaces

SAF Launching Nationwide TV Campaign to Protect 2A from Biden-Harris

Washington State Legislature to Introduce ‘Large Capacity’ Magazine, Open Carry Bans


Quick Bits And ….

Happy Thanksgiving..

In this year of political dissent, a corrupted election, COVID, Democrat and their corrupt media sanctioned rioting and protesting, constant threats from the Left against Patriots, remember.

Family is important, Family should be loved and protected, especially today..

Enjoy them…Gather, to hell with those that try to dictate what we can and cannot do.

Give Thanks and Tell the Turkey Fascists to Go Gnaw on a Drumstick

As should everyone whom values their Freedoms..

Exercising Her 2nd: GOP Congresswoman Fights, Wins Right To Do This In Hallowed Halls

Especially today with the constant threats and intimidation from the Left’s goon squads…

We are living in a world we never expected, but should have…


Kissinger, how is that old goat still around???


Fight to win. Whatever it takes. I’ve never been in a fair fight. I cheat like hell to win..

Never A Fair Fight

Dissident Thanksgiving

The origins of the holiday may be nonsense and the reason we have it may be less than noble, but a time to count your blessings is a good thing. It is made more important in an age in which the ruling class is trying hard to destroy the social capital that is an essential part of human society. When everything is transactional and artificial, having a few days in which you are supposed to think the exact opposite looks a lot like leaving the back door of the Death Star open.

Obama, playing the race card, again.

Obama demeans Hispanics who voted for Trump as bigoted Evangelical Christians

American Stasi