Morning Miscellany …………………


I hope he understands what this means.

I pray it does not happen.

But I will fight for my Freedoms and Rights.


Tolerance from our Intellectuals, College professors…

Not so much..


Obama. Pandering to the youth once again.

Using his self proclaimed dictatorial powers.

You know. Pen. Phone. Executive Orders.

Punishing the successful in doing so.

He just sucks..


Our Tax Dollars…

Given to Moslems, by our Moslem pResident…

To celebrate a Moslem Holiday..

Yeah we should all realize whose side Buck Ofama is on..


The Witch whom would be President…

Says being a traitor does not matter.

To be expected since the current Regime is filed with traitors…


Whom supplied the Taliban with Stinger missiles?


The CIA? Same difference..



Buck Ofama’s staff knew about the ‘traitor for terrorists swap’ and not Congress..?


Morons Spouting Nothing But Crap (MSNBC).

Spewing propaganda and misinformation once again!!

Tolerance not so much..

Hate, plenty..

When your a friggin baby killing pro choice asshole..

You hate pretty much everything and one whom disagrees with you..


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