Gun Bits and Ridiculous ….

POTUS and FLOTUS test positive for the Chinese Virus..

Pray for them, unlike these spiteful, hate filled assholes…

“I Hope They Die” – Trump’s Critics Celebrate News Of COVID-19 Diagnosis


U.S. Airborne Command Post E-6 Mercuries Operational Off East and West Coasts

Clown News Network, more TDS…

Evil: Here Were CNN’s WORST Moments Immediately After Trump’s COVID Diagnosis

Shocking ..

Wife of Boston Marathon hero said Biden touched her in ‘an inappropriate and uncomfortable way’

Poor Davey…

David Hogg Slammed by Woke Mob on Twitter for Advocating Non-Violence

Idiot …

Chris Wallace blames Trump for his poor moderating

Maybe is the had rioted and looted??

Pro-2A Rally In Pennsylvania Draws Criticism from Anti-Gun Group

Yeah ….

Meanwhile, In the Socialist Paradise of Venezuela…

And a …Demo Rat..Blame something..Not me!!!

Chicago’s Mayor Blames American Freedom?

Hope for Marlin and Remington?

Remington/Marlin Looking Forward

Before the terrible ice fishing accident when I lost my guns, I owned a couple of each, shotgun, rifles, rimfires….

Someday I’ll replace them….

Guns Bits and Ridiculous ….

Uh-Oh: COVID Cases Now Causing More Delays For Gun Buyers

Of course he does ….

Biden Demands Gun Ban After LA Deputies Shot

It does not matter what happens anymore, any fricking excuse today will cause ‘unrest’ amongst the unwashed..

Unrest Follows Clearly Justified Police Shooting In Lancaster


53 Shot, 12 Killed In Chicago’s Latest Violent Weekend

Why would anyone go there?

Stupid…Demo Rat..

MA Senator: “We Must Disarm” Police Of Their “Weapons Of War”

The Left versus Law and Order

Bullshit from the lying left and it’s lap dog media..

Sturgis and the Real Super-Spreaders

What? She thought she was untouchable??

NPR reporter arrested trying to interfere in arrest of hospital-blocking protester after ambush of deputies

Stay armed…

The lunatics are loose..

Jail Releases Portland Man Who Set Fire With Molotov Cocktail. Then He Sets SIX More


Gun Bits and Ridiculous …

Biden Plans “Psych” Test for Gun Ownership

The Bill of Rights ban on infringement would be ignored;
Unelected bureaucrats will literally choose who can bear arms;
All existing arms in private hands will be subject to confiscation.

How about a ‘psych’ test for Politicians AND Bureaucrats???

Ammo Shortages and
Trying to Get a Grip

One thing I’ve learned, going all the way back to the W2K scare, followed by Obama, is be prepare and buy when available…Which I have done..

You cannot find much for ammo in the Twin Cities, outstate is a little better..

Twin Cities sees guns, ammunition shortage amid crises

Crazies unleashed???

Lefty group secretly prepares for “post-Election Day political apocalypse”

What do they know or suspect???

DHS Braces for ‘Potential EMP Attack’ as Presidential Election Looms

With all that’s happened in 2020…

Education continues to take a back seat to politics…

Professor Allegedly Threatened to Fail Student Who Balked at Anti-Trump Assignment

Gun control…..How about out of control criminals???

10 Killed, More Than 50 Shot In Chicago Over Labor Day Weekend

Hysterical compilation of an Antifa screw up



Quick Bits …

And what does Lori Lightfoot have to say about this??

More than 36 street gangs in Chicago reportedly vow to shoot on sight any cop who has a weapon drawn in public

One would like to catch on of these ‘tough’ guys..Where no witnesses are…

Antifa ‘commander’ cried in ‘fetal position’ after being caught with flamethrower, smoke grenades on way to protest

Worthless little punk…

Seems like it…

Limbaugh: Democrat Party is trying to ‘literally foment a race war’


Black Lives Matter Protesters March Through Oakland Chanting ‘Death to America’ (Video)

What? They want Africa here???


Another Anti-Gun Myth Destroyed By Reality

And that’s how it should be done!!!

You expected them not too???



Why Haven’t Kyle Rittenhouse’ Attackers Been Arrested And Charged?

Everyone raise their hand if they Give a shit what the UN says, does or thinks……..Wait! Skip the thinks part…

UN Condemns U.S. For Gun Violence, Jacob Blake Shooting

What next????

DNR warns invasive “jumping worms” are spreading in Minnesota: State conservation officials are warning Minnesotans about the “jumping worm,” an invasive species whose hunger for plant roots has one ecology expert calling it a “horrific” threat to gardens, lawns and forest soil

It’s the end…

Gun Bits and Ridiculous….

Public Schools. Not getting our monies worth. Not even close.

As The Teachers Unions Fight Reopening Schools

H/T: ZendoDeb

Gun control..Chicago style..

July in Chicago

It’s popcorn time!!

New York AG Announces Lawsuit Against The NRA To ‘Dissolve The Organization In Its Entirety’

NRA Sues New York Attorney General For Seeking To Dissolve Gun Group 

Fact Check: Yes, the Mob Is Coming For You

H/T: Disturbed…..

Yes, Virginia. There really is Media Bias

Pelosi has no ‘sense’.

Everytown To Award Pelosi with ‘Gun Sense Lawmaker of the Year’ Award

A hysterical screaming harpy..

What did Minneapolis expect to happen after allowing businesses to be destroyed by rioters and thugs??

Dozens Of Minneapolis Businesses Consider Leaving, Cite Possibility Of Police Being Dismantled

Racist old bahs-turd…

WATCH: Biden Doubles Down on His Racist Comments About All Blacks Being the Same

Dumb ass question of the day..

The answer is a resounding YES!!

Should people be allowed to own guns at all?

We have a Right to self defense…Not given by man. It’s a Human Right!!


Quick Bits …

Why does CNN have any viewers? Anyone with at least a room temperature IQ realizes the stupidity within CNN..

CNN Blames Parties For COVID Upswing, Ignores Riots

Remember the ’70’s? I do. It appears to be repeating itself 50 years later..

America’s “Days of Rage”: The Extensive Left-Wing Bombings & Domestic Terrorism of the 1970s

When your woke..And it does not work out as you planned…

Woman angry at Trump 2020 flag outside pizzeria tells owner she’ll put him out of business. But her plan backfires bigly.

Trader Joe’s refuses to change packaging critics say is “racist”


HCQ-touting doctor says she has been fired after appearing in viral video touting the drug as a COVID-19 treatment

Well this may be snark, but…I can see this mouthpiece for Bill Gates saying this..

Dr. Fauci Recommends Encasing Your Entire Body In Bubble Wrap To Protect Against Coronavirus

No their not. But when you are a Democrat, you’ll never accept responsibility or be accountable for your actions or lack thereof…

Right Beetlejuice?

Chicago Mayor: It’s a ‘Gun Problem’

What will become of this??

Alan Dershowitz, Prince Andrew, Bill Richardson and … Bill Clinton: All Named in Epstein Court Documents as Involved With Underage Girls

Probably nothing. The Swamp protects it’s own..

And where else will you see this?

Video: Hero bystander pulls unconscious man out of burning car, saving his life


Gun Bits and Ridiculous…

Gun control. Chicago style…

Multiple Victims Shot Outside of Chicago Funeral Home


LAPD Officer Under Fire For Competitive Shooting Background

Stupid people…In politics..

NYC Assemblywoman Hoping To Disarm Peace Officers

Maybe there is a correlation here? Don’t think to hard, you might injure yourself..

How do gun rights supporters in the US explain the fact that, although crime statistics have dropped in the last 50-60 years, gun ownership has risen? Isn’t that a sign of paranoia?

Because New Zealand does not have “Rights’ per say. They have whatever the Government gives them…

New Zealand is so quick to modify their gun laws after a massacre. Why can’t the USA do the same even after series of mass shootings?

Lock and Load….

Treacherous Americans Pose the Greatest Threat to Our Nation – Part One

Twitter…Sucks ..

Twitter bans Star of David images as ‘hateful’

Pelosi…Bitch, corrupt, old hag.

Federal Unit Behind Arrests In Portland Reportedly Identified. Pelosi Smears Them, Makes False Claims.

Because they can..


Google Blacklists NewsBusters, Conservative Sites From Search

Democrat controlled..

Hiding behind Mom…

‘Wall of Moms’ Shields Portland Rioters From Federal Officers


Quick Bits …

Because it works so well!

‘Easy’ solution for increased violence? Chicago mayor calls for more gun control!

Stay armed, protect your place of worship…

Like a Mob to the Flame

Now why would they do that??

‘Indoctrinating our troops’: Judicial Watch obtains Pentagon anti-bias training materials

Politicians…Are there any worth saving??

Hydroxychloroquine track record: Politicians lied and patients died

Going to be a long one…

Joe Biden Threatens America, Army of Six Hundred Lawyers Ready To Act ‘If It’s Close’ in November

Clowns, morons, worthless…

Rolling Stone Writer Calls For the Word “Pro-Life” to be Retired Because it’s ‘Racist’


Gun Bits and Ridiculous ….

Will this get mentioned on CNN? MSNBC?

Video: Police officer saves life of a choking 3-week-old baby

Will it?

But of course the leftist hate and stupidity comes out..

Cop saves three-week-old baby from choking and still gets blasted with hate

Not sure who this clown is, but obviously a racist…

Nick Cannon calls white and Jewish people “the true savages,” claims they are “closer to animals”

Yes they did!!

Missouri governor, Trump defend couple harassed by BLM: ‘They had every right to protect their property’

Davey Hogg Boy is back!!
And stupid as always..

David Hogg Illustrates Anti-Gun Hypocrisy

Using “Contact Tracing” For Gun Control

However, some are considering using contact tracing for something else.

Words fail me..

Adam Schiff dreads criminal investigation led by federal prosecutor

One hopes..

About that bit in the 1st Amendment,prohibit the free exercise of religion. Apparently it’s void in Chitcago…

Chicago Threatens To Bulldoze Churches If COVID Mandates Not Obeyed